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Welcome to Spaza Studio, your friendly neighbourhood creative agency where all you have to do is take a look around, tell us what you need, and you're done. We’ll take care of it all, making sure you don't walk out with anything useless to you, and making sure to give you correct change every time. Even if that means adding a chappie or two when we run out of 10 Cent pieces. So what does that actually mean? Value for money, excellent brand thinking, and high-quality output, all without having to worry about high costs. How? Well, when you run your business out of a storage container (metaphorically) it's a lot easier to keep under the overheads.

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Brent Black

Brent Black

Creative Cowboy

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Nathan McKay

Multimedia Mog

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Tiaan De Bruin

General of Admission

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Dene Carlile

Web Wonder Woman

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Ross Maxwell

Film & Photo Fundi

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Rofhiwa Nyambeni

3D Maestro

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Nelson Mendes

The Prince of Print

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Willem Viljoen

Structural Marketing Guru

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Kelly Goldstuck

User Friend(ly)

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Kerry Beetge

Copy Queen

andle ywu

Andley Wu

All the Research

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Nadeem Moola

Design, Words Etc.

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